Steam Cleaning

The power of steam degreases and deep cleans naturally. And so it is only natural that the job should be easy. This makes Polti your best friend in the home.


HYGIENIC CLEANING WITH STEAM - thanks to the steam temperature at 120 °, Vaporetto deep cleans  every surface. Furthermore, it is approved by the "British Allergy Foundation" for its effectiveness in eliminating mites and allergens.

IDEAL ON ALL SURFACES - using the right pressure and accessories for any surface, Vaporetto cleans and sanitizes the whole house using only the power of steam.

RESPECTS THE ENVIRONMENT – Vaporetto neutralises dust mites, germs and bacteria naturally, using only steam at a temperature of 120°, with no impact on the environment.

CLEANS WITHOUT CHEMICALS  - Vaporetto doesn't require chemicals in order to prevent the onset of allergies and to protect the environment and health.

DESIGNED TO HELP ALLERGY SUFFERERS - Product approved by the "British Allergy Foundation" for its effectiveness in eliminating mites and allergens.

NEUTRALISES DUST MITES, GERMS AND BACTERIA - Thanks to the temperature of the steam, Vaporetto is able to remove dirt, dust mites (-98%) and allergens (-86%).

DESIGNED FOR CLEANING OF ENVIRONMENTS WITH CHILDREN - Vaporetto cleans all washable surfaces that your baby touches - changing mat, toys, pram, stroller - without chemicals.

FOR SPECIAL CLEANING TOO – The high performance of this Vaporetto makes it particulary suitable for deep cleaning, in addition to daily cleaning. Perfect for cleaning barbecues, car seats and wheel rims, engines, gaps between tiles.

STEAM PRESSURE INDICATOR - Vaporetto has a convenient accurate indicator displaying the operating pressure.

FOR DAILY CLEANING – It is easy to manoeuver in small spaces, this Vaporetto is particularly  suitable for with daily cleaning of ll surfaces. It is suitable for all floors, carpets, mattresses and sofas, cooking hobs.

FOR QUICK CLEANING – Light and compact it is the ideal solution for quick cleaning. Suitable for bathrooms, windows, mirrors.