Plasma Ion Tower

The Plasma Ion Tower that creates it's own fresh and clean bio-climate in your home or office is based on the same old plasma technology originally invented by renowned scientist, Albert Einstein. This bio-climate is rich in active oxygen molecules so your environment feels as clean as the air in nature, high on the mountain tops, in the forest, near a waterfall.

The History

In the early 1900's Albert Einstein's sister was suffering from tuberculosis. The treatment at that time was to take her to a hospital high in the Alps where, remarkably, she made a full recovery. Intrigued, Einstein, along with his good friend Conrad Habicht, set about finding a scientific explanation for this phenomenon. What he discovered was that the number of activated oxygen ions at high altitude was much greater than at low altitude. And so he set about creating a device that could replicate the natural electricity of all.

The Natural, Fresh, Clean Air

Plasma Ion Tower is based on the same old plasma technology. Originally invented by renowned scientist, Albert Einstein. The world’s first dynamic air regenerator, it is able to purify the air of an entire home up to 3,000 sq ft. By introducing electricity at a specified voltage, it creates a measurable and controllable quantity of the positive and negative oxygen ions similar to what occurs naturally at high mountain elevations. The activated oxygen ions cluster together to neutralize pollutants and reduce them to less harmful substances. All this is done without resorting to the potentially harmful use of Ultraviolet light or Chemical additives.